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Classic Car Restorations

A classic car is a motor vehicle, in most states, that is not a reproduction and was manufactured at least 20 years ago.

Whereas any car from 1973 onwards would be defined as “modern customs” or collectibles; an antique car is 45 years or older.


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Custom Metal Fabrication

Old parts are hard to find - even if you do find 'em what shape they are in can be anyone's guess.  Often times custom fabrication is the only option.  JC Customs in Glen Burnie can fabricate sheet metal to replace those rusted patches so even a trained eye would not notice the difference..

Resto-Mod Restorations

Resto-mods are restored and modified classic cars utilizing the latest technology and modernized to today's standard.

Muscle Car Restorations

a Muscle car is the product of the American car industry and refers to a variety of high performance automobiles.

Most widely accepted term refers to an American two door rear wheel drive mid-size cars of the late 1960s and early 1970s equipped with large, powerful V8s for street use and formal and informal drag racing.


Auto Collision Repairs

When you have been in an auto accident you want to rely on someone you can trust to get your vehicle repaired the correct way.  JC Customs in Glen Burnie is that shop.  We will make sure that your vehicle is repaired the proper way and you are satisfied with the repairs.

Retro Body Shells

JC Customs in Glen Burnie will perform custom upgrades; handling steering suspension packages and engine options; custom built to your specifications — a unique one of kind classic with todays advanced technology.

Hot-Rod Restorations

Hot-Rods are somewhat similar to muscle cars; they typically have large powerful engines, modified or "hopped-up" for speed.